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Directory of Proctor Shops & Businesses

The Proctor Business District has over 100 Shops and Stores of all types: from intimate coffee shops to large full-service grocery stores – and everything in between.

This website helps you explore the diversity of shops, markets, and services available in the Proctor District located in North Tacoma  WA.

The hallmark of the Proctor District and its variety of Shops is that in a single shopping trip you can park conveniently while you and your family:

  • shop for groceries in TWO full service, remodeled stores,
  • mail letters and buy stamps at a full-service US Postal Service post office,
  • ship a package at a UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS store,
  • bowl in a state-of-the art facility,
  • buy clothing,
  • shop for fresh local produce, meat, fish, and baked goods at the historic Proctor Farmer’s Market (don’t miss the new mural!)
  • get your shoes repaired,
  • get a haircut or visit a beauty shop (stylist),
  • have an eye examination and be fitted for new glasses with stylish frames,
  • find gifts from around the world for men, women, and children,
  • browse a resale shop,
  • buy pet food and pet supplies for your dog or cat,
  • visit Proctor District’s historic fire station – Station #13,
  • buy bird food for your domestic and wild bird friends,
  • plan your finances for your retirement,
  • buy baked goodies of different types,
  • have a glass of wine at several unique bistros,
  • shop for gifts and crafts from the Northwest,
  • shop for gifts and crafts from all over the world
  • check out a book at the public library,
  • shop for gifts and crafts from Ireland
  • have lunch or dinner in an Old House
  • get keys made, locks repaired, or re-key your house at a locksmith
  • have a formal sit-down dinner for 2 to 20 in a restaurant,
  • have a quick slice of pizza,
  • have Italian, Mexican, or traditionally American, food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner,
  • enjoy one of several Bistros and their eclectic menus,
  • get coffee,
  • get COFFEE,
  • get de-caff,
  • buy toys and games, both educational and just plain fun,
  • buy fine wines from all over the world,
  • get your automobile repaired,
  • get your auto body restored,
  • go to a movie in an historic movie theatre, beautifully restored,
  • drop your children off at elementary or middle school,
  • browse through the Proctor Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings (in season),
  • plan a trip, a cruise, a corporate retreat, or just about any travel service you can imagine,
  • worship in several different traditions,
  • participate in Proctor Treats, Proctor Holiday Fest, Proctor Arts Fest, and Proctor Holiday Open House,

Your Proctor District Real Estate Experts

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Proctor District Video and DVD Rental and Sales

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Proctor District Women’s Clothing Shops – List Your Business Here!

Things are changing dramatically in the Proctor District where women’s clothing stores are concerned.

It looks like we might be looking for someone new to move to the district to serve the hundreds of clients that have shopped here for over 100 years!

What should a new shop carry?  Here are a few suggestions:

Classic style, boutique influence, designer labels, custom made, and practically every other style.

A shop owner should also love to talk with customers to help them find what they’re looking for and how to get the styles with a minimum of fuss.

Proctor District Women’s Clothing Shop – List Your Business Here!

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